if you’re gonna shit on people for using fictional characters to motivate themselves well first of all what the fuck is your problem

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Since this is going to be a massive pain in the ass to paint, I’m posting it right before I really start.

Aaaaaah, such a lovely yet under appreciated ship…

(In case anyone wants to know, it’s Gregor!Severa and Stahl!Gerome b/c that’s what I did my first playthrough)


Kageyama turned out a little too ikemen for such a gigantic, angry dork, but I’m just so ready to be DONE with this series.


Also, HQ stationery and the HQ pencil bags have been restocked in the store!  There’s a super limited stock of them (as in, what is up there in the photo is all I have), so don’t wait too long! 

The charms have also arrived, so preorders will be arriving soon!


I’M DONE I’M DONE BUT SO is the HQ anime this week T E A R S

Thank You for 7000!
I reached a milestone recently, and it means a lot to me!  I really appreciate all of you hanging around, so I’m doing another giveaway for you guys!    This time, the prize is a set of the HQ+Flora postcards / mini-prints OR $25 to spend on anything I have in my store.  

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  • Giveaway winner will be chosen on October 1st!

Again, thank you so much!!!  I hope you’ll stick with me in the future. 


Hinagarasus were hidden throughout the Haikyuu!! booth at J-World Tokyo and of all the places they could have hidden Tsukki’s Hinagarasu, they put him in the trash.